Venice Freestanding Acrylic 63" Tub - Black

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Venice Freestanding Acrylic 63" Tub - Black

The Venice Freestanding Acrylic 63" Tub has a timeless design with a striking contrast of clean linear planes and soft curves. This slipper tub has a contemporary style with slightly raised ends and a lowered front side that almost mirrors wave like curves. The Venice tub comes in either a glossy white finish, bold black finish, or black exterior with white interior finish.  The 63” tub is a space-saving soaker tub. Perfect for your luxury bathroom, the Venice bathtub delivers extra space for you to stretch out with an oval shaped basin. Melt away tensions and rejuvenate in a full immersion bath experience that is the embodiment of serenity.

Virta’s Luxury Line of Acrylic Tubs

The Virta acrylic bathtubs have a sleek, smooth finish that makes them a popular choice for any luxury bathroom design. Our high quality acrylic tubs are extremely comfortable, warm up quickly and retain heat very well making them ideal soaker tubs. Make of the highest quality acrylic material, you can ensure that these tubs will retain their rich white color and glossy elegant shine. The Virta acrylic tubs are hard-wearing, durable and have an easy to clean non-porous external that is unaffected by humidity and moisture.

Bathtub NameVenice Freestanding Acrylic 63” Tub - Black
Bathtub InstallFreestanding Tub / Standalone Tub
Bathtub MaterialAcrylic
Bathtub Length63"
Bathtub Finish / ColourBlack
Bathtub ShapeOval
Bathtub OtherBuilt-in overflow drain and pre-installed pop-up drainage with adjustable feet


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