Virta Rough-in for Drains

New product

Virta Rough-in for Drains

Innovative Design

The Virta Rough-in is an innovative universal all-purpose drop-in drain.  The Rough-in is the only drain on the market that completely seals your bathroom, wet room, or laundry room.   The Rough-in is easy to use and allows for quick installation for all brands of linear shower drains, all drains in general and freestanding bathtubs.

The Rough-in can be used for:

  • Waterproofing bathrooms, laundry rooms and wet rooms
  • Perfect for use with rubber membrane
  • Rough-in for all brands of linear shower drains, all drains in general, and freestanding bathtubs.  Linear drains and freestanding bathtubs are positioned quickly by simply lowering on to the drain.
  • Special use for tight area installation of Alcove bathtubs

The Rough-in is the go-to solution for contractors who need to quickly seal a room or easily handle rough-in for linear drains and bathtubs. 

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