Heated Towel Rails: Bringing The Spa Experience Back Home With You

Heated Towel Rails: Bringing The Spa Experience Back Home With You

Have you ever had a Spa experience that lingered on your mind for months after it actually took place? The detoxification, exercise, relaxation and of course, the thoughtfulness of the staff, always ensuring that your towels were warm before handing them over to you? Well, for most of us, the spa treatment will always be a little beyond our daily living, but the warm towels don't have to be. When it comes down to it, you could always invest in a good set of heated towel rails thus ensuring that your bathroom experience is just as great and relaxing.

One of the latest improvements into the luxury bathroom, the heated towel rails(also referred to as heated towel racks) have completely revolutionised the way we handle our wet towels as it is not only hygienic, but also energy efficient and quite luxurious.It consists of the normal bathroom rack, but has an electrical power cable or battery pack and an easy to locate power switch. They are available as a free standing unit or may either be mounted on your existing towel rack or directly onto your bathroom wall. They work simply by producing heat that radiates through the towel, keeping them warm and dry for a given period of time. They can also be used to dry your delicate clothing items that could easily be ruined either by direct sunlight or using a drier.

Apart from the luxury of the warm towel after a bath, the heated racks are essential in ensuring that your bathroom remains germ and mildew free by keeping the moisture content in the bathroom low, thus creating a hostile environment within which the germs cannot thrive. They come in handy during medical emergencies, where they can be used to help maintain a constant room temperature or to warm up a cloth to be used on a sprain.

The heated towel rail is however not a new invention. It has been with us for the past twenty years, but was until recently confined to the bathrooms of high end hotels and luxury lodges.Given that they have been in the market for a long period of time, the current heated rails are versatile as they come in several different styles, colours, and materials with the most popular materials being brass, polished chrome and satin nickel. Depending on the style, colour, size and material, the price ranges from as low as fifty dollars to as high as four thousand dollars. The difference in price would be determined by the extra accesories which come with the rail, their construction material,portability and the type of heat produced(Hydroponic racks tend to be more expensive than the electric ones).

Before settling on a heated rack for your bathroom,it is important that you first ensure that the rack you get is compatible with your current electrical fixtures. Any electrical installations should be handled by a certified electrician, who will be able to ascertain the most appropriate location for your towel rack, to reduce the risk of accidental electrical shocks. You will also benefit from the advice you may get on the most cost-effective and energy efficient model, thus saving you some money. It would also be wise to consider getting a rack that has a timer, as you may not be able to determine the consumption rate of one without a timer, leading to costly bills.

Heated racks are readily available both online and in designated stores. If considered wisely, installing something as simple as a heated towel rack may increase the value of a home for an owner interested in restoring houses for sale and significantly increase chances of your home being selected by an interested buyer. As for the rest of us who are more interested in the installation for our own personal relaxation and pleasure, then the heated towel rack is a step towards ensuring that we truly bring the Spa experience back home with us.

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