What’s Your Bathroom Style? 9 Great Styles to Consider

What’s Your Bathroom Style? 9 Great Styles to Consider

If you’re having trouble describing what you want your bathroom to look like, we’ve got you covered. The following nine popular bathroom styles are sure to help you express the materials and feeling that are important to you. Then tell us: What’s your bathroom style?

1. Farmhouse. 

This popular style embraces a collected look with minimal accessories but lots of attention to simple yet powerful materials such as reclaimed wood and shiplap. To hit the right tone, many homeowners bring in repurposed furniture, freestanding bathtubs, painted finishes and vintage lighting and mirrors. 

2. Contemporary. 

Clean lines dominate this look. And you won’t find architectural adornments like moldings or face frames on cabinets. 

The cleanliness of the design carries over into the lack of clutter as well. The focus is placed on sleek materials and simple lighting for a refined feel. The very latest materials, finishes and technology all have a place in this style. 

3. Eclectic. 

If you don’t like coloring within the lines, then maybe this is the style for you. It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ’n’ roll. 

An eclectic look mixes styles and eras, color and pattern and brims with accessories that show off your personality. If you like the freedom to experiment and incorporate long-loved pieces and build on the look over time, this style is for you. 

4. Beachy. 

Anchoring a bathroom to a sense of place like the beach makes sense. Most people prefer a calm, relaxing but uplifting vibe in a bathroom, and few things do that for people like a coastal getaway. 

Durable finishes, watery and sandy colors and accessories you might have found washed ashore highlight this accessible style. Just be cautious. You don’t want to overdo the theme to the point that it becomes a cliche.

5. Asian. 

This style also works well in a bathroom. That’s because it draws on Eastern tradition and design to create a spa-like sanctuary almost by default. Soft lighting, abundant wood and requisite soaking tub set a relaxing tone from the start. 

6. Traditional. 

Don’t mistake this style for being old or outdated. Traditional style is all about celebrating classic materials and design that have stood the test of time. Lots of detail and rich character can be found in this style, which features unique tilework, calming colors and elegant materials such as marble. 

7. Industrial. 

If you’re a bit more rough-and-tumble, look no further than industrial style, which embraces raw, durable materials such as brick, concrete and steel. 

Yes, you’ll find these finishes in big-city lofts and industrial buildings-turned-condos, but the style works well in any home in which function and toughness are sought. 

8. Craftsman. 

While this style is a bit more niche than the previous examples — you’ll probably want to have a Craftsman-style home to have a truly Craftsman-style bathroom — there are elements worth considering for any space. Handmade tiles, dark stained wood and attention to quality are all things that can make a bathroom shine. 

9. Mediterranean. 

Just like a Mediterranean diet, this style can keep your space feeling happy and healthy. Bright colors and intricately patterned tile, ornate archways and mirrors, and burnished metals are just some of the features of this breezy look.

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