10 Things Every Stylish Bathroom Needs

10 Things Every Stylish Bathroom Needs

We believe your bath should be a true oasis—a calming place to begin and end each day, and one that reflects your personality too. Whether you have a teensy space or a grand master bath, there’s plenty you can do to bring style and character to the room.

See our list of 10 must-haves and get inspired to give your own bath a beautiful new look.

A Statement Mirror

While your bathroom probably came with a mirror, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Swapping out a basic mirror for something a little more special—an intricate bone-inlay style, a gilded sunburst—will instantly give your space a more custom look.

Stylish (and Functional) Lighting

Banish bad bathroom lighting for good! A set of beautiful sconces is an investment you’ll appreciate every single day. Not only will they add a luxe look to your bath, but the even light they provide will also make morning primping that much easier.

As for your overhead lighting, replacing your standard-issue fixture with something beautiful—a sculptural gold flush mount, even a shining pendant or chandelier if you have room—will go a long way toward making the bath feel like a finished, decorated space.

Clever Catchalls (Trays)

Makeup brushes, perfume, lotions and potions—these things have a way of spreading out in the bath. Corral the larger items in a stylish tray to keep them easily accessible yet effortlessly pulled together. You can neatly tuck away the little things (bobby pins, nail files, and the like) in a decorative box.

Luxurious Linens

If there’s one place to truly indulge in the bath, it’s with your linens. A set of sumptuous towels does wonders to make you feel pampered—and with proper care, they’ll last through many a wash. Choose classic, fluffy whites for a boutique-hotel feel, or pick a style with some color for a dose of cheer.

A Go-Anywhere Garden Stool

We’re fans of the versatile garden stool in any room, but its petite stature makes it especially well suited to the bath. Holding a stack of towels next to the shower or a book next to the tub, pulled up to the vanity as a small seat: You’ll discover endless ways to use this movable wonder. And because garden stools come in a rainbow of hues, you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your decor.

A Not-Boring Rug

Think beyond the bath mat. Sisal and bamboo rugs add tons of warm, organic texture to the bath and hold up well in damp, humid spots. Hides are another unexpectedly great pick, as they’re both highly durable and supersoft. And yes, even vintage rugs can live happily in the bath. They’ve stood up to years of wear and tear, so there’s no need to worry about damage from a few drips.

Gorgeous Greenery

Nothing livens up the bath like a potted plant or a vase of flowers—even placing a bud vase with a single stem next to the sink can brighten up your whole outlook. Look for plants that thrive in warm, humid environments: orchids, ferns, and air plants are some of our favorites.

A Stylish Storage Piece

Extra storage in the bath is always welcome, especially if your space lacks a linen closet (hello, apartment-dwellers). A small dresser or chest can be truly transformative: The drawers can get toiletries or spare hand towels off the counter, and the top can be used for additional storage or reserved for a decorative display.

A Versatile Accent Chair

If you have the space, consider bringing an accent chair into the equation. Besides the benefit of an extra surface, having a place to perch while getting dressed or going through your evening routine is truly an underrated luxury.

Artwork You Love

It may not be the first place you think to hang a favorite print, but the bathroom’s smaller size can highlight a prized piece beautifully. In fact, why not hang a whole gallery wall of works? That way you’ll always start (and end) the day with an inspiring view.

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