Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathtub – Part 1 Bathtub Material

Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathtub – Part 1 Bathtub Material

Get the perfect bathtub for your home by considering a few important details like: bathtub material, size, type, cost, weight and comfort.  To help you make that decision we've put together a comprehensive guide of the most important things you should consider.

Bathtub Material - What are You Made of?

Bathtubs are not made equal; they come in different materials which have an effect on its price, weight, durability, maintenance, finish, etc.

Some of the more popular bathtub materials include:


Likely the most popular kind of bathtub and rightly so.  Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight typically not weighing more than 70 pounds, easy to mold and therefore come in a wide variety of designs, mid-priced for those looking for luxury without the big price tag, warmer than other kinds of bathtubs because they insulate well, durable, easy to clean and easier to repair.  Acrylic bathtubs usually come in a high gloss finish.

Acrylic Bathtubs and Stone Bathtubs by Virta

Cast Iron

Coated with enamel making them chip resistant and extremely durable.  Cast iron bathtubs likely retain water heat better than all other bathtubs, but their heavy weight is usually a hinderance for buyers looking for a second-floor bathtub.  Get these tubs in many color options.


Lightweight and less expensive than most bathtubs.  The downside to a fiberglass tub is that it is prone to scratching and durability is lacking compared to other bathtub materials.


The natural look and excellent heat retention make stone tubs a sought-after item.  They come with a higher price tag, but are among the easiest to maintain since they are both stain and scratch resistant, and have a high durability rating.