Bathroom Trends That Are Not Going Anywhere

Bathroom Trends That Are Not Going Anywhere

If you're ready to hit refresh on your bathroom, these ideas will inspire you to turn this everyday space into a total sanctuary:

Accent Walls

More than one-third of homeowners are now choosing to include an accent wall in their bathroom renovations. These can be used to draw focus to a show-stopping feature, from a soaking tub to a custom vanity.

A focal point should be interesting to look at, something colorful, or texturally and visually appealing.  If you decide to add an accent wall to your bathroom, carefully consider which wall to showcase. Look to the features around or on the wall to help you decide. A focal point should be interesting to look at, something colorful, or texturally and visually appealing, however, if you're selecting a busy pattern tile or bright colors, be sure the other walls are more subdued and complement the focal point wall [instead of] compete with it. If you're still not sure which wall is best, select the one directly in the line of sight from the door.

Freestanding Vanities

Personalization continues to be a top priority for homeowners, and freestanding vanities, with their furniture-like appeal, present a great opportunity to add a custom look.

The home is highly personal and homeowners want customizable fixtures to make their spaces reflect their personality and lifestyle.

Updating your vanity is one of the quickest ways to change the look of your bathroom without undertaking an entire remodel. You can find freestanding vanities in nearly every design style, where there is generally an increased interest in those with clean, crisp lines in a variety of finishes that include white and dark wood, bright bold hues, and dramatic black or navy. To customize your vanity even further, swap out the hardware with pulls in your favorite metallic finish, then accessorize the countertop with a pretty tray or vase. 

Black Accents

Black is back in a big way. Though hardware and faucet finishes are one way to try this trend, we're seeing more and more use of this dramatic shade beyond these quick updates. Bold black accent walls, deep-hued vanities, and even black plumbing fixtures are on the rise.

Pairing matte black hardware and cabinets creates a pleasing punctuation within the bathroom space.  Used sparingly, black accents can provide a pop of contrast in a traditional white bathroom. When applied liberally, black accents help foster a moody, glamorous look. 

Double Vanities

It's clear that new homes, including bathrooms, are bigger than ever. More space in primary bathrooms means more opportunities for unique design elements, and homeowners are taking advantage of larger footprints by incorporating double vanities.

Vanities outfitted with power outlets, full-extension drawers, and custom holders for grooming tools can help minimize clutter and make the most of limited space.

Double Vanities by Virta

Large Showers

When space allows, homeowners are saying goodbye to the shower-bath combo, instead opting for a walk-in shower and an equally luxurious tub situation. Overall, consumers see value in separating the bathtub and shower and opt to include a large soaker tub in their [primary] bathrooms.

More than four out of five homeowners who separate the shower and tub also choose to enlarge the shower.

Round Mirrors

Thanks to tile, flooring, and woodwork, bathrooms tend to be dominated by hard lines. To break up all the sharp angles, homeowners and designers are increasingly choosing round mirrors over rectangular ones. The circular shape helps bring softness and visual contrast into the functional space.

Choosing a round mirror also creates a more modern look and a relaxed, calming vibe, plus, the round shape helps focus the light and your eye for completing tasks, like putting on your makeup or your nightly routine.