Five Essential Tips Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodelling

Five Essential Tips Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodelling

The bathroom is a sanctuary to most of us. This is a place where we escape and switch off from our busy surroundings. It’s not just a place where your toilet, sink and shower live, it’s a place where great ideas are born and endless shower thoughts are consumed. So when it comes to bathroom design and remodelling, you want to make sure you get it perfect off the bat! We have compiled a top list of tips to help you along your design and remodelling journey.

Let’s begin!

1. Know your budget

Before starting any project or build, it’s highly recommended to have your budget in check- the size of the project, quality of raw materials and labour costs will all have an effect on your final figures. The first step is deciding which level of remodelling is right for you- are you remodelling a basic, mid-to upper-range or deluxe bathroom? Are you going to be replacing plumbing or just fixtures? Asking these questions before you begin will help wonders on your wallet. Don’t be scared to DIY some of the work, you will be suspired how much you can save by taking care of the demolition and removal side yourself.

2. Lighting

People take for granted how important proper lighting is in bathrooms. With the only place in the house where we get permission and encouraged to lock ourselves in, why not make your private retreat a well-lit sanctuary? The three types of light needed for the best bathroom atmosphere are task, decorative and ambient. Task Lighting: This is the lighting that’s best to see yourself in. This lighting is recommended around the mirror area. Decorative Lighting: This lighting scheme is recommended for showing off bathroom art- flowers, pictures or centre pieces. Usually a softer, more warm lighting, it will help bring out the ‘sparkle’ in any bathroom art feature. Ambient: This acts as filler light for dark spots. These light fixtures are recommended for installation around the perimeter of your bathroom.

3. Pick the right vanity and fixtures

Not just a place where you wash your hands and store things. A vanity can set the look for your entire bathroom. Get one too big and you could mess up your bathroom’s main walking path. Too small and you’ll soon come to the dark realisation that you don’t have enough countertop space and storage. Pick the wrong material and you could have a very large future maintenance issue on your hands. At the end of the day it comes down to personal taste, so make an effort to choose wisely.

4. Pick a quality toilet

When picking a toilet, it’s not necessary to spend big bucks, but you don’t want to buy a really cheap one too. For an object you’ll be spending a lot of time on, you really want to make sure it’s built well and comfortable. Models with elongated bowls and seats are usually the most comfortable and will set you back about $400. Again, this comes down to personal taste, but don’t forget that guests may need to use this toilet too.

5. A bathtub… if you must

Bathtubs have lost a great deal of popularity over the years, but if your space allows it and it’s in your budget, then go for it! Remember, bigger isn’t always better. You want to choose a bathtub that works well with its surroundings. A 1500 mm tub is fine for most people and is generally the standard in tub sizing. It offers enough room to comfortably stretch out for the average person. If bathroom size is a factor and you still want a bathtub, look into smaller and deeper tubs.