7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health

7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health

Air pollution, mold and moisture are all things you don't want in your home — especially in your bathroom. The quality of the air inside a home is often worse than the quality outside, and much of this is due to poor home ventilation.

If you suffer from red, itchy eyes when you're at home, you could have poor ventilation. If your bathroom window is always covered in condensation, you could have poor ventilation. Mold and mildew on bathroom ceilings and strong lingering odors are other common signs. A musty-smelling shower is often a sign that the shower was not built and waterproofed properly.

Try these professional tips to help improve the quality of air in your bathroom.

1 Get a great fan.

A top-quality fan is a must in the quest for better indoor air quality. If you have a noisy fan, no one will want to use it.

2 Have multiple ways to dry out your bathroom.

This shower has two things that can improve its air quality: a small window for fresh air and a fan. You can also take shorter showers to help reduce mold and mildew, since less moisture will need to be removed.

3 Install a fan timer.

Find a fan timer with a one-hour setting and have your family use it with every shower

4 Consider a heated floor.

Having a timer for the fan and a floor heating system is a great tag-team approach to a dry and healthy bathroom. Nothing dries out a shower floor or bathroom tile floor faster than some lovely floor heat.

5 Make sure shower panels leave room for ventilation.

Keep frameless glass installations from going floor to ceiling (unless it's a steam shower), so you get more air circulation.

6 Consider a shower transom in steam showers.

The transom can be used to help dry the shower when the door is closed. Placing the fan close to the transom also helps draw air out of the shower when the door is closed.

7 Pay attention to grout lines.

Fewer grout joints means less surface area to absorb moisture and quicker evaporation.

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