Our Favourite Ways to Update a Bathroom

Our Favourite Ways to Update a Bathroom

It’s not always necessary or possible for a makeover to involve renovation. Sometimes a few simple fixes can completely refresh a dated space. Here are some of our favourite ways to refresh a bathroom:

1. Add a small tropical plant or some fresh cut flowers.

If you don’t have enough counter space for a large vase, try placing a small bud vase on the windowsill or add a small stool or side table next to the sink or tub to increase your surface space.

2. Hang new art.

Hanging something on the wall in a bathroom or powder room is an opportunity to decorate that is often missed in this kind of space, but can add loads of character.

3. Change your shower curtain.

It’s a huge component in a small space and can alter the entire mood and style of the bathroom. Something bright and colourful can add fun energy to an otherwise serene bathroom.

4. Update cabinet hardware.

Sometimes a vanity could use a good coat of paint, but it may be that yours could benefit from a simple hardware switch to something more current.

5. Swap out your faucet.

You may want to reserve this one for when your current one gets leaky, but once you have the opportunity, take advantage of updating the style. Something bold can add drama to a small space.

6. Update your lighting.

Improved illumination can make the biggest difference in a small bathroom makeover. Think about the level of light that would be the most functional for you and the direction of illumination that you would prefer. Sconces hung at eye level on either side of a mirror can cast a softer, more flattering glow than an overhead fixture.

7. Paint!

When done yourself, painting walls is one of the most cost effective ways to transform a space. You can even paint tiles now with the right paint.

Sure, a complete overhaul can transform a dated bathroom, but sometimes all a space needs is a little lipstick!

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