Get the Most Out of a Bathroom Renovation

Get the Most Out of a Bathroom Renovation

Everyone likes to treat themselves now and then, so when it comes to your bathroom renovation why not treat yourself with things that can also get you a great return on the money you spend? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to design, but when it comes to return on investment there are a few things that can help put your bathroom ahead of the rest.

Heated Floors

Electric systems for warming tiled floors were considered a luxury not long ago, but over the last couple of years they’ve almost become standard. And for good reason.  Heated floors provide some ambient heat, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms located in cold parts of the house, but they also add tremendous comfort and a sense of luxury for anyone using the room. So if you’re embarking on a bathroom renovation it’s highly advisable to consider an electric floor warming system. And keep in mind that the best kind is one that also uses uncoupling technology, which ensures the floor tiles won’t be susceptible to cracks.

Curbless Shower Entry

Curbless showers are still rare enough that they turn heads – in a good way!  By removing the visual obstruction they open up spaces and can make a bathroom feel much bigger than it really is. They invoke luxury, but modern materials and large format tiles make them much easier and more affordable to build than most people think. The other big bonus when it comes to return on investment is that they adhere to the principles of universal design, which is incredibly important with our aging population. A barrier free bathroom reduces tripping hazards, making it easy for everyone to use. This is going to become increasingly important over the next few years.

Custom Shower Bench

If you’ve got the space, installing a custom bench is a great way to increase safety while adding extra comfort in the shower. It adds a great spa-like element and allows for complete customization of the design. What’s great about custom benches is that they can be built to the exact specifications of your shower and they can be built without using any wood or other materials that are prone to warping and rotting.  A custom bench in addition to little extras like niches and linear drains is a great way to maximize your shower.