Half-Bath Ideas: 8 Ways to Make this Tiny Space Shine

Half-Bath Ideas: 8 Ways to Make this Tiny Space Shine

Remodeling & design considerations for your half-bathroom

A half bathroom is a small bathroom, 50 square feet or less, with no bathing facilities.  A full-service bathroom typically has a toilet, sink and a bathing facility (shower, freestanding bathtub, shower/tub combo, or shower and tub).  A half-bath has half as many of these services, hence the name.  Other names for this kind of a bathroom include powder room and guest room.

Two reasons you'll love remodeling your half-bath

Remodeling your half bathroom gives you a chance to hone your bathroom design skills ahead of remodelling a master bathroom.  

Remodeling the half is also low impact since you still have your other washrooms while you complete your project. You’ll have the freedom of time to finish the work without any pressure to finish. The only consideration you’ll need to make is providing access for guests to your main bathrooms while you complete the remodel. 

Your half-bathroom is asking for some design love.  But what are you going to do with such a small space.

The answer: Plenty:

1. Position your half-bathroom on perimeter

One solid bit of feng shui advice: position the half bath so that it includes one of the exterior walls of the house.  This makes it possible to include a window for the bath and keeps it away from high traffic areas of the house.

2. Bathroom fans:  required or recommended?

If you’ll have window for the bath you can get away without a fan, but a high-velocity fan is always a blessing.

3. Favour larger tiles over smaller ones

Large tiles in small bathrooms actually make them seem larger.

4. Position toilet so that it is not facing the door

If it isn’t obvious why, think comfort and privacy.

5. Avoid big sink vanities that dominate the room

Pedestal sinks and small wall hung vanities are a great way to maximize room. Big sink vanities not only take up floor space but feel ponderous. You really don't need to store much in the half bath, anyway.

6. Keep it simple

Don’t over-adorn your half bath because that will only lead to clutter. Minimize and your guests will be happy.

7. Stick with neutral colors but bright touches are fine

Maintain neutral-color surfaces (flooring, walls, etc.), but that doesn't mean you can't have a bright accent wall.  Dark colors are imposing and will make your bathroom feel even smaller.

8.  Stick with the footprint

Rearranging floor layout is out.  This is such a small space that you cannot move things around much.  So, you'll be working with what you already have.