Top Tips for Bathroom Storage and Organization

Top Tips for Bathroom Storage and Organization

Whether your bathroom is space-challenged or spacious, it holds so many odds and ends—towels, razors, cotton balls, makeup, toilet paper—that organization is an absolute necessity. Make the most of the space you have with these stylish yet functional bathroom storage ideas and strategies that will keep this hardworking room neat and tidy.

Small bathroom? Build storage higher.

A small bathroom footprint means there’s no room to expand out with your storage needs—you’ll have to expand up, instead. Utilize the precious space above your toilet by adding floating shelves. Then, fill them with baskets to elegantly house and hide essential bath items like extra toilet paper rolls.

Don’t overlook the unused space above your door.

To truly use every square inch of your bathroom, just look up. Way up. Mount a shelf above your doorframe to store items you don’t need access to on a daily basis. This storage idea is the perfect way to conceal your cache of cleaning products or extra jars of bulk items like cotton balls or swabs.

Keep clutter off your counter by adding a shelf above your sink.

Especially if you have a sink with limited countertop real estate, this convenient little ledge will make a large difference. It’s the ideal spot to keep all the items you reach for regularly, like your toothbrush, hand soap or hairbrush.

If you can’t hang shelves, use a slim bath tower to create extra storage.

Skinny and stylish, most towers have a mix of open shelving and hidden storage, making it convenient to rest items you need to access easily, plus organize and store all the things you don’t want to display.

Group like with like—and designate each set of items a “home.”

A basket is an organized homeowner’s best friend. Not only do these timeless containers thoroughly corral loose items, they look great while doing it. Add a label to each (“hair tools” or “bath soaps” for example), to not only make finding items effortless, but to provide a visual reminder of where each one “lives.”

Stack lidded wicker baskets below a pedestal sink to create extra storage.

Pedestal sink designs may lack storage space down below, but all that open space is perfect for a basket (or three). Choose lidded storage totes and stack them from largest to smallest to keep the overall appearance tidy.

Lazy Susans aren’t just for the kitchen.

Place one of these handy revolving stands inside your bathroom cabinet, and use it to quickly access items that would otherwise get pushed to the back. You’ll never again have to pull everything out just to be able to reach the one essential you need.

No space for a towel rack? Mount one on the back of the door.

Bathrooms hardly ever have enough space to hang towels, but a savvy solution lingers right behind the bathroom door itself. Flat or single-panel doors offer a pleasing frame for hooks or a series of stacked towel bars—and they’re even easier to affix to a wooden door than to a wallboard or plaster wall.